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2019 Mon Amour

2019 Mon Amour

The Mon Amour presents a captivating medley of flavors and aromas that unfold with each sip. Aromatically, it entices with the rich presence of black cherry and plum, complemented by a distinctive earthy undertone that exudes a pleasing, tomato leaf-like fragrance. The palate experience continues to intrigue, as it reveals hints of olive and blackberry, adding depth and complexity. The flavors of anise, clove, and cardamom gracefully intertwine, creating a layered and spicy dimension. In terms of texture, this the blend is soft and supple, delivering a juicy, flavorful profile that invites you to savor each moment. The finish is a harmonious blend of fruit and spice, leaving a slightly spicy and rewarding aftertaste that lingers on the palate. This wine is a testament to the art of blending, delivering a symphony of flavors that showcases the best of California's Merlot varietals.

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Red Blend
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