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Frequently Asked Questions...

Have a question about Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards, our wine loyalty program? Here are a few frequently asked questions, and if these don’t help you, please email us at or call us during standard business hours at 818-573-5672.  

What are the benefits of joining?

Coquelicot Organic Estate Reward members are able to accrue loyalty reward points at a rate based on their loyalty tier.  In addition, members enjoy several benefits, including:

  • No annual membership fees.
  • Access to rewards not available to the public!
  • Invitations to exclusive events!
  • Bonus point offers!
  • Pre-release purchase of new vintages!
  • No expiration dates for points.

 For Coquelicot Wine Club members - Reward benefits are in addition to all other wine club benefits!


How Do I Sign Up for The Program? 

To start enjoying benefits from our Reward Program, simply sign-up in person or on our website under the Coquelicot Rewards tab. Members who choose to join any of our wine clubs you are automatically enrolled in our reward program. Members earn sign-up points upon joining either of any of our wine clubs or our rewards mailing list.  The signup bonus is dependent on what club a member joins or if they join our mailing list. 


How Many Points Do I Get When I Sign Up?

Please see the chart below to see what each program offers as a sign-up reward. 



3 Tiers of Loyalty Points





Reward Tier Name



Club/Mail List


Sign-Up Bonus


Redemption Value


% Earned


Red Poppy Rewards


Mailing List


100 points


$1 = 1 Point




Red Barn Society 

Wine Club Member


2 Bottle Wine Clubs (All)


200 points


$1 = 2 Points




Elite Red Barn Society 

Wine Club Member


4, 6, or 12 Bottle 

Wine Clubs 


300 points


$1 = 3 Point




How does Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards work?

When joining any of our wine clubs or our rewards mailing list, members are automatically enrolled in Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards. There are no annual membership fees, and they’ll receive (100, 200, 300) bonus points for signing up depending on the club they join or if they join our mailing list. Sign-up points are awarded within a week of sign-up. Members earn (x) points per dollar for all wine purchases made — either in person at the tasting room, by phone, or online. Red Poppy Reward members will accrue points at 1 point per $1 spent.  Red Barn Society Wine Club members, who are in any of our 2 bottle clubs, will earn 2 points per $1 spent.  Elite Red Barn Society Wine Club members, who are in any of our 4 bottle, 6 bottle and 12 bottle clubs and above, will earn 3 points per $1 spent. The higher the membership level, the more points earned per $1 spent. *Points can be redeemed at 80% the dollar value of purchase, by law we can’t give away free wine. *Points are not redeemable for cash and in store non wine merchandise (only wine). *Points cannot be redeemed for wine club shipments, but points will be earned on wine club shipments. *Points are not redeemable the day of signup, however, points will accrue with first purchase.


When can a member redeem points towards a purchase?

Members can redeem points the following day after signing up for our Coquelicot Reward Program. Points cannot be redeemed on the first purchase. 


Is there a membership fee?

No. Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards does not have a membership fee. 

How are member levels determined?

Membership levels are determined based on the Coquelicot wine club you are currently registered as, sign-up for, or if enrolled in our mailing list. To change loyalty tiers, a member must be in the correct applicable wine club or at the very least our mailing list.

How do I earn points?

Members can earn points in a variety of ways. First, members receive sign-up bonus points upon signing up for our reward program. Members earn points per dollar for all purchases made—either in person at our tasting room, by phone or online excluding shipping and tax.  Points will be earned on wine club shipments, however, points cannot be redeemed for wine club shipments.

Can I use my reward points towards club shipment billing?

Points cannot be redeemed for wine club shipments, however, points will be earned on wine club shipments. 

When will I receive my sign-up reward points?

Sign-up reward points will be awarded within the first (7) business days of sign-up.

Where can I view my Reward Points?

You can view your Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards points balance anytime by visiting the member login on our website, which is located in the upper-right corner of every page. Once you log in to your account, Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards points will be listed under the Reward Point tab. 

How are points calculated?

As members earn points per dollar for all purchases made—either in person at our tasting room, by phone or online—excluding tax, points will automatically be added to their Coquelicot member profile. 

When will my points display in my account?

Points are automatically added to your account immediately upon purchase. If you are trying to request a reward and your most recent points are not yet showing in your account, please contact us via email.

Do points ever expire?

No. A member may accrue them as long as they remain enrolled in our rewards network or any of our wine clubs.  Points never expire, however are unusable unless a member is active. 

What are examples of rewards?

Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards include being able to apply rewards towards wine purchases, soon hotel and restaurant experiences, and so much more! We look forward to offering a wide variety of experiences that showcase our gracious hospitality, our amazing restaurants, our beautiful hotels, and Coquelicot Organic Estate wines. We are excited about offering experiences such as private tables at our organic vineyard, dinner at one of our stunning restaurants, and overnight stays in our luxurious hotels.  There is something for everyone to enjoy. Rewards are divided into three categories:

  • Discounts on Wine purchases
  • Private Events: Exclusive events
  • Experiences: Culinary, Hospitality, Hotel Stay

How do I redeem points for rewards?

Online, login to your profile and then upon checkout you can redeem your points that are available. When in person at our tasting room, please let our sales associate know that you are a member and upon checkout you will have the option to use your points. Members may request to utilize their reward points from our website, in person, or via phone. Members may call us at 818-573-5672 or email us to place a request. All private rewards, such as private tables, meals and overnight stays, will be scheduled based on availability and exclude blackout dates. Special culinary event rewards, such as dinner parties and harvest lunches, are offered on specific dates.

How do I pay for my rewards experiences?

Once you’ve selected and purchased your reward request, you will be contacted to confirm availability. After your reward is confirmed, you will be emailed a private link to our website store to pay your redemption fee. Culinary event rewards can be automatically redeemed online as soon as tickets go on sale. All reservations are confirmed only after your fees have been paid and points redeemed.

Can I purchase wine with my points?

Yes, you may redeem your points at 80% the value of the item to be purchased. Points are only redeemable for wine and experience. In store merchandise is not redeemable. 

How far in advance do I need to plan to redeem a reward experiences?

Rewards are based on availability, so it is recommended that you request a reward as far in advance as possible. Rewards events with set dates, such as dinner parties, typically sell out months in advance, but cancellations may occur.

Are there blackout dates for reward experience redemptions?

Yes. Blackout dates are communicated upon scheduling. All private experience rewards, such as meals and overnight stays, will be scheduled based on availability. Special culinary event rewards, such as dinner parties and harvest lunches, are offered on specific dates.

What is the cancellation policy for rewards experiences?

Private event experiences must be cancelled within 48 hours of booking to receive a full refund of points. Coquelicot events/experiences require cancellation (14) days in advance. Some experiences are non-refundable. 

Can I give a reward as a gift?

No, unfortunately Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards are not transferable. You may purchase a wine for someone as a gift and use your rewards to do so. 

Can I combine my points with other members?

No, each guest earns points on their account only

Can I redeem two rewards for the same date?

Yes, though you will need to make two separate loyalty reward purchases. You can also simply email us with the details.

Can I simply pay for a reward I am interested in?

It depends on the reward. Select events are offered as rewards for club members, but all Coquelicot Organic Estate club members can purchase tickets at full price. 

Will my member status ever change?

Membership levels are based on Coquelicot Organic Estate club membership. 

Is Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards a wine club?

No. Members can enroll in our reward program and simply earn points for purchases without a wine club commitment.  

Will the program change?

Coquelicot Organic Estate Rewards is subject to change without notice.