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Organic Cabernet Franc Wine

Our ultra-premium expression of Cabernet Franc Wine, this full-bodied wine offers a mosaic of fruit and spice notes, displaying flavors of Blackberry, woody mushroom, a touch of designer leather, and a lead pencil. Supple tannins create a wonderful aroma and a delicate roundness on the palate with a silky finish.

The Cabernet Franc Wine has been made with sincere regard for the environment, following a strict sustaining practice. The vines and orchards have never been sprayed with harmful chemicals and are not degraded through the constant application of non-biodegradable inputs. Thus, all our wines are natural, organic, and have low sulfur.

The dominant notes of raspberry greet the senses, interwoven with a distinct essence of crushed gravel, bestowing a rustic and earthy quality. Subtle yet distinct hints of cured meat add a savory complexity, while the gentle warmth of cayenne pepper adds a tantalizing spicy edge, enticing and adding depth to the olfactory experience.The first sip introduces a silky, soft texture that coats the palate. The wine’s medium to full body showcases excellent acidity, providing a lively and refreshing sensation. The wine culminates with a finish that lingers gracefully.Overall, the Reserve 2019 Cabernet Franc showcases the elegance and depth characteristic of awell-crafted wine emphasizing why it is a standout every year!

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