Wines: 2007 Estate Sauvignon Blanc

The focus here is on minerality and structure. Think wet gravel driveway, mint leaves, Ruby Red grapefruit and savory herbs d’Provence. At this vineyard site by the mission, the grape vines see very cool nights and warm afternoons which is truly the best of both worlds. The warm afternoons encourage the grapes achieve perfect ripeness but the cool nights assure that they do not lose their acidity. We stir the lees often after fermentation to tame the racy acidity and round the sharp edges. The wine is aged on its lees and never sees the inside of an oak barrel. The nose is very expressive and will wow you well past the first glass.

Vineyard Coquelicot Estate Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley

Harvested September 18, 2007

Brix 22.8 Brix

pH 3.24

Barrel Aging None. All Stainless Steel

Bottled March 2008

Released Spring 2009

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